Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spicy tofu-food photography

Spicy Tofu
1 tofu
a pinch of salt
200ml water 
1 TBSP olive oil
For the sauce: 1 TBSP pepper flakes,  2 chopped green onions, 3 TBSP soy sauce, 1TBSP minced garlic, 1 tsp sesame seeds, a pinch of black pepper

1. Cut the tofu into a size of 1.5 in wide and 1/4 in thick.   In a plate, sprinkle a pinch of salt over tofu and set them along on the side.

2. In a meanwhile, mix all the sauce ingredients in a medium bowl.

3.  Heat the olive oil in the pan on a medium heat and cook tofu until brown.
4. Pour the sauce mixture and water into the pan and cook covered on a low medium heat until the sauce is reduced in a half.  This will take about 15 min.

bite-sized beef with vegetables

My 3-year old toddler is a very picky eater. She doesn't like to try vegetables and only likes to eat chicken nuggets.  So, i became very concerned about my daughter's eating habits.  i needed to find ways to get her to eat more vegetables.  This recipe that i am going to share has the solution.

     Ingredients: 1 package Angus ground beef, 1 carrot finely chopped, 1 small zucchini finely chopped, 1 cup cooked broccoli chopped, 1/2 extra firm tofu mashed, 2 tsp sesame oil, pinch of salt,pepper, 3 eggs, 1 cup flour

1. In large bowl, mix first 9 eight ingredients and stir together.

 2. As shown in the picture below, crack 3 eggs in a small bowl and whisk together.  in shallow plate, spread 1 cup flour across the plate.  Make beef mixture into bite-sized flat circles.

3.  Now Heat vegetable oil in the pan over medium heat.  put the bite-sized beef in flour and egg mixture next.  Do this one at a time.  And then cook them in the pan until brown.  

4.  Serve with BBQ sauce, ketchup or any type of sauce that your kiddos like.